We Know What It Takes To
Tell Memorable Stories


Through our POWER Storytelling method, we empower brands by discovering why they exist and how they uniquely serve their target audience. Our team dives into your brand discovering and eliminating any obstacles that make it difficult for brands and audiences to authentically connect. We approach this through 3 phases of discovery that form the foundation for strategic storytelling, positive customer engagement. 



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. We are living in a fast paced visual world. According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. Storytelling through video is a powerful strategy to emotionally connect your brand with your audience. At Ray Media Creative we hang our hat on cinematic brand storytelling that drives results. If you don’t have compelling results-driven video, what are you waiting for? 


Post-production is where the magic happens. Our team takes everything we’ve learned during the first two phases to create a powerful story, transformational story. Are you ready to make an impact? Let’s talk. 



We offer a story ideation, video production and post-production services for video projects. We can create one-off videos of full campaigns. 

Ray Media Creative works with multiple strategic partners skilled in video production, graphic design, web design, PR, and even full rebrands. If you need more than video we can provide those services. 

We work with a diverse array of clients. Start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, Fortune 500, just to name a few. 

The investment varies. Every project is different, so we assess the specific needs of the project
before finalizing a budget.

Yes, we are willing to travel to partner with you on a project.

Once we receive and review your information, we’ll send you additional questions and set up a 15-minute consultation so we can determine if we’re a good fit for the project. From there, we’ll create a proposal, and if accepted, we’ll send over a contract and the initial invoice to begin the process.

If you have a different question, email [email protected]